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You’re cordially invited to have a booth at ¡Día del Niño! Family Resource Fair on Saturday, April 30th from 2pm to 5pm at Hanna Boys Center. The event is FREE, bilingual and open to ALL Sonoma Valley K-12 families.



Please submit the booth registration form NO LATER than April 1st. The registration form can be found on

Please feel free to share the booth registration booth link with other agencies/organizations that may be interested in participating.


Since this event is being done as a community effort, we are currently trying to collect toys and monetary donations that we can use for raffle prizes during the event and/or to pay for live entertainment for the children. Monetary donations can be tax deductible, if requested.


We would greatly appreciate your support by posting/ sharing on social media, and with your family, friends, students, patients and clientele base. Graphics can also be found on our website or in our social media sites:

QUESTIONS: Any questions please feel free to contact Maricarmen Reyes or Victor Ferrer at 707-569-6338 or by email to or

*Graphics/Illustrations created by Sonoma Hispanic Media.

Download PDF posters (letter size):

Click to download poster 8.5" x 11" (PDF) Spanish 

Click to download poster 8.5" x 11" (PDF) English

Social media post images 1080px x 1350px (PNG): 

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