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Grupo Folklorico Quetzalen of Sonoma Valley was founded in May of 2008. Currently under the direction of  Victor Ferrer, Quetzalen started as a senior project at Sonoma Valley High School and later became the community’s first Mexican folk ensemble. Quetzalen is Sonoma’s official ballet folklorico. We participate in all latin cultural events. Our purpose is to support local schools, educational programs and non-profit organizations through after school classes, workshops and performances year round.

Our mission is to educate, preserve and promote the splendor of Mexico's traditional dances, music and colorful costumes.  

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Part of our commitment is to conduct outreach programs for the youth in our community to instill pride of their cultural heritage. We promote cultural education to diverse communities in Sonoma County. 


The meaning of the word Quetzalén comes from the “quetzal”, a bird that mayan and aztec cultures described as a symbol of “luminescence and life”. The founders agreed the uniqueness of the Quetzal, its ancestral meaning, and its wide range of colorful feathering represent the essence of our folklore.



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Whether you are planning to take your first folklorico class or join our performing group, we are more than happy to welcome new dancers for our upcoming dance season!